Taino Woman Standing Strong in Ohio

Youngstown, Ohio (UCTP Taino News) - Community member XochitlAnaO (Rose) Quinones Del Valle has been very active recently and has been corresponding with other "first peoples" offering prayers and meditations for our fallen warriors. She began to do this before the so-called "Discovery Day" and continued to do so for the entire month of October. In addition, Dr. quinones has made presentations to her graduate students focusing on the alleged "discovery".

During Hispanic College Day, Dr. Quinones met with 250 middle and highschool students and talked about college, heritage and pride in being Taino. She urged them to have their parents contact the UCTP and consider registering with the UCTP Taino Population Census and Tribal Registration Program.

Dr. Quinones is a UCTP Liaison Officer for the state of Ohio.

UCTPTN 11.21.2004

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