UCTP Taino News: Regional Briefs from the Caribbean

Tropical Storm Ernesto makes its way through the Caribbean to Bimini (Florida)*

The season's fifth tropical storm Ernesto has already affected the East Caribbean, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Jamaica.

Southern Florida is now feeling the affects of the storm, now designated a “Tropical Depression.

A weakening Ernesto may linger across parts of South Florida into early Thursday. Although flooding, strong winds, and even tornados are possible, the national weather service reports that no hazardous weather is expected beyond Thursday with relation to this system.

*Bimini is a Taino term for the area known today as Florida

Heavy Rains Displace 1,500 Dominicans

Santo Domingo, Aug 28 (Prensa Latina) Heavy rains in the last few days have flooded various Dominican provinces and displaced nearly 1,500, revealed the Center of Emergency Operations (COE) on Monday.

COE director Col. Juan Manuel Mendez stated that those evacuated remain in homes of relatives and friends, although some families have returned to their homes as the weather conditions have started to improve.

Mendez estimated 400 affected houses in the provinces of Santo Domingo, San Cristobal, Sanchez Ramirez and the National District, where the flooding and drainage problems, mainly in the poorest zones, forced immediate evacuation of the population.

The National Meteorology System forecast continuing rains, but with less intensity, accompanied by electric storms and occasional gusts as a consequence of Tropical Storm Ernesto.

Dengue Hits Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, Aug 28 (Prensa Latina) Dominican Public Health Secretary Bautista Rojas reported an epidemic of dengue with 2,262 cases.

Medical School President Enriquillo Matos said it was inadequate to declare an epidemic with 1,800 cases, 600 in the capital and Santo Domingo province, which began to fumigate since last Thursday.

Still, Bautista Rojas announced the beginning of campaign in coordination with the mayor's offices to control breeding sites of its transmitter, the Aedes Aegypti mosquito.

He also proposed a garbage collection drive, elimination of disposable containers called for raising public awareness.

UCTP Taino News Note: The UCTP requests that our community keep all those affected by Tropical Storm Ernesto and the Dengue Fever epidemic in your prayers and thoughts.

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