You Know You're Taino If:

1. You were told that not only were the children of your uncles and aunts your cousins, but also the children of their best friends, their compradres and comadres and the children of all the ex partners they ever had, and to this day your still meeting new cousins you never heard of.

2. You prayed in front of your home shrine much more then in any church.

3. You have at least three starches with every meal.

4. You get excited whenever you see Mavi.

5. If your family shrine had statues of Native American warriors next to the statues of Jesus and Mary.

6. If your elders blew cigar smoke on you to purify and heal you.

7. If the family cure all was a bottle stuffed with green plants covered in alcohol.

8. If as a kid, the first word and the last word out of your mouth was "Bendicion"

9. You said Agu..elo and Agu..ela instead of Abuelo and Abuela.

10. Your neighbors called the fire dept, and it was just your mother smudging the apt.

11. You call every cat you see as "Misu, Misu"

12. You know you're in trouble when your parents called you by your full name.

13. Powdered eggs and government cheese were the best part of the hand out packets.

14. If your parents had no idea what to do with the bags of flour the government would give them, other then make bacalaitos fritos.

15. If when you said something like "Tu te cree que es un guame mover esa butaca del año de la guacara" you swore it was perfect Spanish.

Hope every one enjoys this,
Domingo Turey Hernandez

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