Public Notice: UCTP Web Portal Update

In the continuing effort of the United Confederation of Taino People (UCTP) to provide quality educational and community services to Taino & Greater Caribbean Indigenous communities, the award winning and internationally recognized UCTP Web Portal found at http://www.uctp.org/ is in the process of being re-organized.

Recent updates include the UCTP Caribbean Indigenous Educational Resources and UCTP Document Archives page found at
http://www.uctp.org/archives.htmland the UCTP International Advocacy page found at http://www.uctp.org/archives.html#3 .

The UCTP Advocacy page includes the recent statements made at the United Nations on behalf of the Indigenous Peoples Caucus of the Greater Caribbean. A full report of the UCTP’s participation will be available at this page shortly. Bo’matum to our webmaster, Mr. Glenn Welker for his work and dedication to this project.