On this the 12th day of March 2006, we the descendants of the first peoples who discovered and inhabited all of the islands of what is now known as the ‘Caribbean’,

Do hereby declare to the world that rumors of our extinction are greatly exaggerated and we are in fact still very much alive and among you – the inhabitants of our islands who came after we were robbed of our birthright in the name of ‘civilization’ and ‘progress’.

Second, we collectively condemn the fact that the Karifuna-Carib inhabitants of the islands now known as St. Vincent and Trinidad – still have no territory to call their own after five centuries of being discriminated against and marginalized in their own lands!

We call on the Governments of St. Vincent and Trinidad to shed the cloak of neo-colonialism and recognize a part of the occupied lands they inherited from the European invaders – as Karifuna-Carib Territories.

Third, we collectively condemn the fact that although the Karifuna-Carib nation of the island now known as Dominica is approximately 5% of that countries total population – they are forced to accept a grossly inadequate five square mile territory and the illegal presence of a foreign (non-Karifuna-Carib) police presence on their officially recognised territory – in violation of International Indigenous Rights Laws.

We call on the Government of Dominica to do what is right, just and fair – and increase the ‘Carib Territory’ to atleast 15 square miles, for this would be commensurate with the percentage of the Karifuna-Caribs within the total population of this country; and remove the Police presence from ON the ‘Carib’ Territory – to OFF the ‘Carib’ Territory on government lands.

Fourth, we the descendants of Princess Marian – daughter of the last Hereditary Lokono-Arawak Chief Amorotahe Haubariria (Flying Harpy Eagle) of the Eagle Clan Lokono-Arawaks resident on this island now known as Barbados, and the Karifuna-Carib ambassadors from the island now known as Dominica – do hereby jointly re-claim from the Government of Barbados - the small uninhabited island outcrop known to locals as Culpepper Island.

Damon Gerard Corrie,
Lokono-Arawak Nation

Jacob Che Frederick,
Karifuna-Carib Nation

For more information contact damoncorrie@yahoo.com

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