Taíno Artist Continues to Gain Attention

Georgia (UCTP Taino News) - Taino elder Mildred "Mucara" Torres Speeg continues to gain considerable attention for her exquisite artworks. A Boriken Taíno who resides in Georgia, "Grandmother Millie's" story was featured recently in the Rabun's Laurel (Jan. 2006, pg. 36) Magazine. Her work continues to be shown in galleries throughout the state of Georgia and she recently completed a showing at the Dorothy Dove Gallery in historic Clarkesville, Georgia.

Master portrait artist Millie “Mucara” Torres-Speeg
at her recent gallery showing at the
Dorothy Dove Gallery in Georgia. Shown with
gallery owner Dorothy Dove (left), elder Mucara
is shown displaying two of her works; Guabancex
(Taino Spirit of the Hurricane) and "Visions I See".