Keeping our Young Taíno Warriors in Our Prayers

On behalf of the UCTP, and as we begin this New Year, we would like to send a special prayer to all our community’s young warriors who are currently serving or about to serve in the military overseas.

In particular, we would like you to keep the following community members, Jimmy Eric Conley and Andre Manicatex Garcia, and their families in your hearts and prayers at this time.

News of Jimmy’s tour of duty in Iraq starting this month is especially devastating for his family who are still suffering the traumatic effects of this year’s hurricane. Jimmy Eric Conley is serving in the US Marine Corps, Infantry and is the son of UCTP Representative Professor Enid “Tati” Conely.

As we reported last month, Andre Manicatex Garcia began his tour of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan this month. Andre is the son of UCTP Representatives, Evelyn and Joe Kaonabo Garcia, and he has a wife, Dana, and daughter, Bella.

We ask the Creator to watch over them and return them safely to their families and our community.

Jimmy Eric Conley, US Marine Corps, Infantry