Direct Action for the Defense of Attabey, Our Mother Earth!

A) Protect the Creatures of Attabey for our Future Generations!

Deep sea coral gardens grow in the deepest reaches of the sea. Many have been slowly, quietly growing there for hundreds of years. They provide crucial habitat for more than 2,000 species of marine life. The practice of "bottom trawling" -- where fishing vessels drag huge weighted nets across the sea floor behind them, demolishing everything in their path -- threatens to destroy these precious resources.

You can help protect deep sea corals by telling your Senator to demand that the sponsors of the new oceans act include protection for deep sea corals, and the Bottom Trawl and Deep Sea Coral Habitat Act of 2005, in any new ocean legislation!

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B) Action Still Needs to Be Taken On Global Warming!

Join the growing chorus of concerned Americans and urge your senators, representative and President Bush to start taking real action on global warming!

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