Christianity, Capitalism, and Corporations

Taino'ti Guaitiao (Greetings relatives):

On behalf of the United Confederation of Taíno People (UCTP), it is our hope that this message finds you in good health and Spirit. In the on-going discussion of globalization, the destruction of our planet's natural resources, and the lack of recognition of our rights as indigenous peoples, we have been forwarded an interesting article, which further connects the religious doctrine of dominion with the “modern” concept of corporate entitlement finally leading some like economist Herman Daly to observe that "we treat the earth as if it was a business in liquidation."

To review the article entitled "Christianity, Capitalism, Corporations, and the Myth of Dominion" by Norman Council please visit the website:


These connections are especially important for indigenous communities, like the Taíno, to re-evaluate as we have first hand experience with these doctrines and those who promote them. One only needs to recall that the "Roman" Catholic Church still has not properly addressed the call by the Taíno and other Indigenous Peoples world wide for the revocation of the 1493 Inter-Ceatera Papal Bull. (See http://www.uctp.org/papalbull.htm)

While an irrelevant issue to some, this Papal Bull and its philosophical protégés “terra nullus” and the “doctrine of discovery” are the basis of the Supreme Court’s legitimizing of the theft and colonization of indigenous peoples ancestral birthrights. (See Johnson v. McIntosh 8 Wheat 543, 1823)

Understanding this particular connection, it is interesting to note that as Samuel Alito is posed to be confirmed as its next justice, for the first time in U.S. history, five Roman Catholics -- a majority -- would now sit on the Supreme Court.

The connections between Christianity, Capitalism, and Corporations, are connections our community needs to be aware of, especially as increased attention is focused on the affirmation of our ancestral culture and heritage.

Oma'bahari (With respect),
Roberto Mukaro Borrero,
President and Chairman,
UCTP Regional Coordinating Office