UCTP Resolution on the Global Climate Crises

UCTP Resolution on the Global Climate Crises
UCTP Res/08/12/2005,
Adopted on 9 December 2005

Recognizing: That we, indigenous Taino People have maintained a special relationship with Attabeira, our sacred Mother Earth, and Yokahu Bagua Maorokoti, our sacred Father Sky, since time immemorial; and

Whereas: We, the people of the Unified Taino Nation and other Caribbean indigenous Peoples represented by the United Confederation of Taino People (UCTP), invoke the divine blessings of Yaya, the Creator, upon on our efforts and hereby establish and submit the following resolution; and

Whereas: The UCTP is greatly concerned about the impact of global warming and climate change on present and future generations of plant, fish, bird, insect, animal and human communities, our ancestral territories, our economies, our cultures and our relationship to the natural order and laws; and

Whereas: Greenhouse gases (GHG) are recognized as the main cause of global warming and the result of ever-increasing human activities including burning fossil fuels; and

Whereas: The global climate crisis poses significant threats to all life on this planet and is responsible for an increase in heat waves, drought, shrinking water supplies, the premature melting of Glaciers and snow pack, increased rates of asthma, catastrophic fires, floods and storms, coastal erosion, utility infrastructure failure, new diseases, and the loss of traditional plant and animal life on land and in the seas; and

Whereas: The consequences of the global climate crisis cannot be ignored, and cooperation and leadership from all nations is required, especially the United States, to slow the rate of global warming through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;

Therefore Be It Resolved: That the UCTP calls upon the elected and appointed leaders of the United States and other countries, at all levels of government, to accept responsibility for the welfare of future generations and Attabeira, our sacred Mother Earth, by focusing attention and policy efforts on the global climate crises; and

Be It Further Resolved: That the UCTP also calls upon the elected and appointed leaders of the United States to ratify the Kyoto Protocol as a first step toward a commitment to change.

In Witness whereof, and in accordance with the principles set forth in 1998 Declaration of the United Confederation of Taíno People, I, Roberto Múkaro Borrero have caused the seal of the United Confederation of Taíno People to be affixed upon this resolution, which was adopted by consensus on this Ninth Day of December in the year two thousand and five.

Roberto Múkaro Borrero,
President and Chairman
UCTP - Office of International Relations
and Regional Coordination

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