UCTP Action on Global Climate Crises

Public Notice: In solidarity with the world-wide movement mobilizing on the issue of the global climate crises, the UCTP supported and participated in a number of actions, which coincided with the United Nations Climate Conference last week in Montreal, Canada. After the UCTP issued an announcement officially supporting the actions, which called for the U.S to join the Kyoto Protocol and build a new national campaign around the issue etc, several initiatives were actively engaged in. Using the resources available via its internationally recognized communications network, the UCTP issued several appeals to Taíno and other Caribbean Indigenous Peoples to support these actions by signing on to petitions and writing letters to public officials including President George W. Bush. Direct action by participating in demonstrations or other initiatives focusing on this issue was also urged by the UCTP leadership.

The UCTP was added as an official endorser on the websites of major organizers of events and UCTP President, Roberto Múkaro Borrero was invited to speak at a demonstration on Friday December 2 and give a presentation at an Inter-Faith Gathering on Saturday, December 3rd. At both events, which were held in New York City, President Borrero was able to express the position of the UCTP on the Global Climate Crises and offer prayers and song in the Taíno language.

The UCTP also issued a resolution on Climate Change with the consensus of its leadership and the resolution was posted for public review on December 9th 2005. The UCTP plans follow up on these initiatives and will report as information becomes available.

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