IITC Gathering to take place in Florida

Dear Community members & friends:

Below you will find an announcement for an upcoming meeting that will take place in Florida hosted by the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC). The UCTP is planning on sending a delegation to the meeting as we have worked in solidarity with the IITC in the past.

Please send the annoucement to reputable Tribal Leaders in your area so they may consider attending. The IITC is the oldest indigenous NGO accredited at the United Nations and is highly respected by indigenous leaders nationally and internationally.

Peace and blessings,
Roberto Mucaro Borrero,
President and Chairman,
UCTP – U.S. Regional Coordinating Office




The International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) will hold its 32nd Anniversary Treaty Conference February 9 –12 at the “Redbay Stronghold" Grounds, hosted by the Independent Traditional Seminole Nation of Florida (ITSNF). This year’s conference theme is: “Fighting to uphold the Creator's laws and ways as the Supreme Law of the Land; Defending the Humanity, Dignity and Right to Self- determination of the Independent Traditional Sovereign Nation of Florida and all Indigenous Peoples of the World.”

The IITC was founded in South Dakota, USA in 1974 to be an international voice for Indigenous Peoples. The IITC received United Nations Consultative Status in 1977. Since that time it has worked to build Indigenous unity, address human rights violations threatening Indigenous Peoples’ survival and achieve international recognition for Indigenous Peoples’ rights.

The territories of Florida are the traditional homelands of the Seminole Peoples. The Independent Traditional Seminole Nation of Florida (ITSNF) has maintained its traditions, culture, language and sovereign way of life though many years of struggles. They resisted attempts by US military to forcibly remove them in the early 1800’s, when many of the Seminoles were forced to relocate to Oklahoma during the “Trail of Tears”. They have also resisted the federal government’s repeated attempts to purchase their traditional lands in violation of the Worth Agreement made between the US and the Seminole in 1842.

The Conference will support the efforts of the Independent Traditional Seminole Nation of Florida and Indigenous Nations around the world to protect their homelands and traditional territories, subsistence practices and ecosystems, and to safeguard their traditional cultures, ceremonial practices and languages for future generations. Workshops, presentations on critical human rights issues and traditional cultural programs will be presented throughout the conference.

The Conference will be camp-out. Bring camping gear (bedding, tents, eating utensils). Meals, showers and restrooms will be provided, and registration is free of charge. Participants need to arrange their own air or ground travel. The Conference site is on 2600 acres located near the community of Ft. Drum Florida, 25 miles northwest of Okeechobee, about an hour’s drive south of Orlando and about 4 hours drive north of Miami. Rides from the Orlando Airport (the closest airport) can be provided if you send us your itinerary. A driving map, information on travel by bus or train and a list of local motels (to arrange at your own expense) are available upon request.

Participants who will need US visas are urged to make arrangements well in advance. For more information contact: IITC at (415) 641-4482, e mail conference@treatycouncil.org; ITSNF via Amy Clay, (239) 404-3622 or Danny Billie, (239) 825-7125, e mail: dave@seminolebuilt.com, or IITC’s web page, www.treatycouncil.org. Thanks for your interest and we hope to see you there!