Taino'ti Guaitiao (Greetings relatives):

It is my hope this message finds you all in good health. As you may
already be aware, a group of indigenous Taíno Indian leaders have
been occupying a state run archeological park in Utuado, Puerto Rico
since Sunday. The Taíno are peacefully protesting the desecration
and destruction of sacred sites around the island as well as other
violations of their human rights.

The situation is very serious as three Taíno leaders are now on
the fourth day of a hunger strike until Governor of Puerto Rico,
Anibal Acevedo Vila, agrees to meet with them and discuss this
issue. Two protesters are already showing signs of dehydration and
as of today there has still been no communication from the Governor.

With this in mind, the Taíno leaders would like to express their
deepest gratitude to all those who have responded to their previous
call, sending letters or telephoning the Governor's Office. However,
since there has been no response they have requested increased
international pressure on Governor Acevedo Vila by phoning, faxing
or emailing letters to him. Below you will find a sample letter that
we hope you can reproduce on your organizational letter head and fax
or email to the Governor. Phone calls and faxes are the most

You can also contact you local officials and ask them to appeal to
the Governor as well.

Please send a copy of your faxed or emailed correspondence to
Governor Acevedo Vilá to our U.S. Regional Coordinating Office at 1
(212)769-5329 or uctp_ny@yahoo.com .

In the spirit of our ancestors and for our future generations, we
thank you in advance for your support, prayers and solidarity.

Oma'bahari (With Respect),
Roberto Múcaro Borrero,
President, UCTP
U.S. Regional Coordinating Office


Hon. Aníbal Acevedo Vilá
Governor of Puerto Rico
PO Box 9020082
San Juan, PR 00909-0082
Tel: 1(787) 721-7000
Fax: 1(787) 721-1472 and 1(787) 721-3336

Dear Honorable Governor Aníbal Acevedo Vilá:

I am writing to support the members of the Taíno Nation and People
represented by the Caney Quinto Mundo, the Consejo General de
Taínos Boricanos and the United Confederation of Taíno People in
their direct action reclaiming the sacred Caguana Ceremonial Center
in Utuado, Boriken (Puerto Rico).

I am greatly concerned to learn that several Taíno leaders have been
engaged in a hunger strike until they can secure a meeting with you
and they have been ignored by your administration.

I respectfully and urgently appeal to you to meet with the
protesters at Caguana and speak to them in the spirit of
reconciliation. The eyes of the world are upon you.

I thank you in advance for your serious attention to this matter and
look to a positive resolution for the Taíno People.


[Your Name, Title, Organization]