Taino Woman teaching at UCLA

Los Angeles, CA (UCTP Taino News) - UCTP Arizona Liaison Officer, DeAnna Sarobei Rivera (Boriken Taino) has just been appointed Lecturer in American Indian Studies and Director of the Tribal Learning Community and Education Exchange Program at UCLA Law School.

This new program is known as TLCEE ("til-c"), and Prof. Rivera will be its first Director. As a lecturer she will be teaching undergraduate, graduate, and law students how to start development (social and economic) projects on Indian reservations. As a director, she will over see a distance learning program that links UCLA Law to Tribal governments, which will help to increase their understanding of Indian law and its impact on their particular tribal interests.

UCTP President Roberto Mucaro Borrero expressed his great pride upon receiving the historic annoucement stating "It is our hope that all our community will join us in extending to our dear sister not only heartfelt congratulations but prayers for her continued success and fortitude. She has made us all very proud."


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