Update on the Red Lake Ojibwe Nation

UCTP Taino News Update: Most of you are by now aware of the recent tragedy, which occurred in Northern Minnesota leaving 10 dead and more than a dozen injured in a horrific incident of school-related violence.
(See http://www.indianz.com/News/2005/007191.asp )

Many Taíno community members have written the UCTP to request that we all keep these relatives in our hearts and prayers and have forwarded the following information:

Donations for the victims and their families can be sent to:
Red Lake Nation Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 574
Red Lake, Minnesota 56671

Concerning this tragedy, Liza O'Reily, a Borikén Taíno who resides in Minnesota states "The people on this land are so sad right now, all Indians, no matter what nation they are from, feel this trauma and hurt. Hold on to the children and listen to them, permit them to speak and tell us how we are needed in their lives."

An online Guest Book for Red Lake Reservation Victims has been created and we urge you all to sign in and send your support for and prayers to our relatives of Red Lake Reservation. You can click on the following link
or cut and paste the url into your browser's address bar.