UCTP Res. Reaffirming Our Solidarity with our Carib Relatives

The following UCTP Resolution was adopted on 4/17/05 and was distributed internationally to indigenous organizations, community leaders, State-Governments and United Nations Agencies.

United Confederation of Taíno People
Office of International Relations and Regional Coordination

UCTP Resolution/17/04/2005
Adopted on 17 April 2005

Reaffirming Our Solidarity with Our Carib Relatives

Whereas: The UNIFIED TAINO PEOPLE and NATION represented by the United Confederation of Taíno People (UCTP), at the request of our Elders and in an expression of our sovereignty, remain committed to promoting solidarity amongst all Caribbean Indigenous Peoples; And

Whereas: It has come to the attention of the Taíno People, who are Biological and Spiritual Relations and Descendants of the island Carib Peoples, that the Walt Disney Company plans to film a sequel to their film “Pirates of the Caribbean” on the island of Dominica, and that this film intends to depict Carib Peoples as Cannibals; And

Recognizing: That our brother Chief Charles Williams of the Kallinago Carib Nation in Wai’tukubuli (Dominica) has denounced Disney’s intention to portray his people as cannibals and that this stigma and stereotype has been used for over 500 years until today as a form of personal insult and as justification for mistreating his people; And

Also Recognizing: That indigenous community leaders from at least three communities of Caribs, representing Dominica, Trinidad and St. Vincent have publicly voiced their strong objections to this unjust depiction of their People to Disney executives, who continue to be unresponsive in any positive way to the critique; And

Recalling: The union of the Kasike Anakaona and Kaonabo in Kiskeia , and the resistance of Kasike Kasimar and Iaureibo of Bieke, which confirm that Taíno and island Carib Peoples have long been aligned and have fought together against repression and oppression since before and after the Colonization of the Caribbean by Europeans, and that the concept of Caribbean Indigenous cannibalism is as large a myth as is the extinction of Caribbean Indigenous Peoples: Now, therefore

Be it Resolved: That the United Confederation of Taíno People will fully support and promote the proposed International Boycott of the sequel to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ by moviegoers if Disney does not modify the script depicting Caribbean Indigenous Peoples as cannibals.

In Witness whereof, and in accordance with the principles set forth in 1998 Declaration of the United Confederation of Taíno People, I, Roberto Múkaro Borrero have caused the seal of the United Confederation of Taíno People to be affixed this Seventeenth Day of April in the year two thousand and five.

Roberto Múkaro Borrero,
President and Chairman
U.C.T.P – Office of International Relations and
Regional Coordination

*UCTP Resolution/17/04/2005 will also be posted at www.uctp.org

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