Taíno and Garifuna Unite at LA Conference

Los Angeles, California - On Saturday, April 16th, the first Garifuna Community Forum took place in Los Angeles, California. The purpose of this forum was to address the issues that were affecting the Garifuna community in the area and around the world. “Garinagu” or Garifuna People traveled from New York, Florida, San Diego, Riverside and throughout Los Angeles county to participate.

Representing the Garinagu from St. Vincent, was guest speak Dr. Cadrin Gill. The honorable Mr. Milton Alvarez representing the Guatemalan Consulate in Los Angeles also attended.

It is well known that the Garifuna People share strong linguistic and cultural ties to the Taino People. In an acknowledgement of this tie, UCTP representative John Hu'acan Vidal was honored to be invited to the conference to present on the relationship between the Taino and our Garifuna relatives. As stated by Hu'acan "We are cousins to the Garifuna People and we want to be there".

Dr. Clifford Palacio, a respected Garifuna scholar attend the conference and stated “What impressed me most was the fact that the Taino Race and St. Vincent were represented in addition to Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. That was a great beginning and an auspicious reunion.”

Following the conference Hu’acan stated “I learned so much from all of the speakers and representatives and am looking forward to more and more interaction between the Taino and Garifuna”.

UCTP rep. John Hu'acan Vidal presents at LA Garifuna Conference


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