UCTP Web Portal Updates!

UCTP Public Notice: In our continuing effort to be of service to our community, the awarding winning web portal (http://www.uctp.org/) of the UCTP has recently been updated in the following sections:

a) UCTP U.S. Representatives: Please note that information concerning our newest representatives in the United States has been posted at http://www.uctp.org/usr.htm . You can now directly contact our UCTP Liaison Officers in the States of Illinois, Maestro Edgardo Pérez and Ohio, Dr. Rose Quiñones Del Valle, Ph.D, PCC, LSW.

b) Educational Resources: Please note that the section entitled ‘Historic Documents relating to the Colonization of the Indies’ located at http://www.uctp.org/archives.html has been updated and includes an updated ‘Letter of King Ferdinand to the Taíno Indians’, two letter concerning the gold of the Indies (1559), and biographical information on Spaniards in the new world from the 16-17th centuries.

c) Taino Leadership in Boriken (Puerto Rico): Please note that the contact information for El Consejo General de Tainos Borincanos (The General Council of Boriken Tainos) has been updated at http://www.uctp.org/bprr.htm .

d) Taino Communications Group & News Services: The UCTP continues to focus a considerable amount of attention on the dissemination of information and communications, which are an integral part of our mission and service to our communities. From our UCTP Web Portal, our hard copy and online version of our news journal "The Voice of the Taino People", our television broadcast collaboration with Presencia Taina T.V., our support of Indigenous Peoples Literature Web Portal, as well as the Taino News and Information Email List, the UCTP remains committed to promoting Caribbean Indigenous concerns utilizing all aspects of the Information Society.

These UCTP initiatives continue to gain considerable attention at the international level. The steady growth of the UCTP's Taino News and Information Email List provides a concrete example of this trend as our current membership has reached over ONE THOUSAND subscribers. The support of our community and our allies have made the “Taino News and Information List” the LARGEST online news service available, which is dedicated to Caribbean Indigenous Issues.

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